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"I am overjoyed to own a copy of Queen Esther and the Dancing Dreidels"
-Shellie Ubarose fortressat.com Managing Editor

"Queen Esther's simple rules, frequent rewards, low frustration factor, and very short playing time makes it well suited for young children. Unlike other mainstream children’s games, Queen Esther and the Dancing Dreidels allows players to make some limited decisions regarding their movement; provides the opportunity for player interaction through challenges and card play; and avoids the endless loop phenomena that is present in many classic children’s games such as Chutes and Ladders and Hi-Ho-Cherrio. The fact that players can flip an Apparel tile each time they pass the start space ensures that the game will typically last no longer than 20 minutes, which is an appropriate game length for young children. Queen Esther and the Dancing Dreidels incorporates several engaging hands on activities – assembling puzzles, spinning tops, and getting a variety of ‘stuff’ nearly every turn. The battling tops activity is particularly inspired as it affords the fidgety child the opportunity to stand up and move around every few minutes."